Thursday, November 5, 2009

Classmate's Lesson

Crag and Kyle lesson was good. I really like the book down by the Bay. I really like how they let the students sing the songs. In a kindergarten classroom the students would really love the singing parts. If you are teaching a lesson you want to get your students involved and also participate in the lesson. It was also good that they gave the students the lyrics to the song. I think they should have went over the lyrics of the songs first and then let the students read it along with them. They should have also point out some of the words that kept coming up a lot. They could have made a word wall with those words for the students.
They really did not have the class under control. They did not have rules. If they had rules I do not think the class would have been out of control. They students were getting away with a lot of bad behavior in the class. They should have set up rules. As a teacher you need to have rules in your class so that your students would know what to do and what not to do. Their work sheets for the students were good. I also thought for both of them being males teacher they would have had the class under control. They should have also put the students in groups may be that would have help keep the students under control, so that they would have got their work done.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reflection of Podcast

When we started planning the lesson we had the video we wanted to show and also read the book. The video we showed was exactly what was in the book. Then we decided that we have to put the podcast in the lesson because we did not want to feel that we did it for nothing. We decided to do a picture walk first then we play the podcast for the students. We use it in the lesson after showing them the different animals in the story. The students like the podcast. They really pay attention to it. The only problem we had was the volume was really low so they did not hear it the way they wanted too. Some of the students were talking at that time so they could not really hear it. I think it went really well. The way we add the podcast into the lesson was very effective. If we had played the podcast at the end of the lesson the students would not have pay attention to it. I think I will use the podcast in my future class because it is very easy and simple. In the future if I have a book to read to my students we can use the podcast to record it and I know the students will have fun doing it. I had fun podcasting with my partner.

Reflection of my lesson

My partner and I prepared our lesson by going through the book see the different types of animals that were in the story. We wanted to do something that will catch the student’s attention. This is the summary of the story A baby llama is the star of this series of rhymed riddles about animal characteristics. As Lloyd the llama meets each animal friend, the friend describes its mama. The riddle has a moment of suspense just before the name of the animal is revealed. Children will enjoy chiming in at these key points and moving the story along. Through the riddles and pictures, children meet babies and mamas who are bats, swans, cows, seals, kangaroos, and, of course, llamas. In details from the pictures, children can also spot baby and mother owls, seagulls, turtles, rabbits, koala bears and opossums. The objectives were we wanted the students to recognize similarities and difference between offspring and parents. The story had different types of animals and they needed to know the mothers and their babies. We also wanted the students to be able to match the mothers with their babies. By the end of the lesson we wanted the students to be able to list the different types of animals in the story. The assessment we will observed the students to make the appropriately response to the text and video. They would also be evaluating on their new vocabulary word in the story such as herd, politely, grin, and grazes. Yes our lesson was plan executed exactly as it was written.
Everything we wanted to do was done. While my partner and I was discussion how we was going to teach we decided to make a power point of the different animals in the book, so while they are doing their worksheets they can get a visual pictures of the animals. The power point was not in the lesson we added it at the end. The most important thing we try to teach the students was to really understand the book. For example some students might read something but would not understand it. I feel that the power point and the video of the story really help the students a lot. We read the story and they also got to see the visual of it. I really think the lesson went really well even though some of the students were misbehaving in the classroom. The only thing we did not have the chance to go over was the definition of offspring even though we wrote it on the board. But everything went really well. I thought I was going to be nervous but I was not so that was a good thing. I really did not learn anything from the students. The one thing I can say was how to handle the students in a different way by the way some of them were behaving. I think we handle them well, but we could have done a lot more than we did. I would not change anything about our lesson it was really good. I think we should have read the story to them before we gave out the riddles worksheet that is the only thing I would have done differently.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Podcast Done

We find a our story on you tube that will use into our lesson while we are reading our book. The story have a sound to it that will be very helpful because we wanted to find sounds for the story backgound which we have now. We will have to record our story over for it to go with the sound in the background.


My partner and I would be puting up our thought questions about our story. we will then listen to the story to see if everything sound good. We will also look for sound for the background of our story. We will make sure everything is perfect so we can have a good lesson.

Friday, September 25, 2009


We really did not get a lot done because we could not find what we was looking for. thew computer is so slow. We was looking for sounds to add to our reading. but we did not even get that far. We will stay after class to finish what we were doing because while others were recoding we can not record at the same time. it was too noisey. We search for songs for a llama but we really did not find what we were looking for. Some of the songs we find did not have anything to do with llamas.

What are we going to do today?

I think my partner and I would listen the recording we did on Tuseday. We will also put up some questions about our book so people would be able to answer after listening to our story. During the week we was working on how to make our podcast look more interesting to the people that would see it. I think this is a great experience because it is different from just being in the classroom. We actually get a chance to do something different. We will also add sounds to our podcast to make it more fun.